8 Aveo Flutter Plugins To Reduce Your App Development Time

29 Dec 2022 | Mobile App Development


Flutter is quickly becoming one of the most popular cross-platform app development toolkits. It makes it easy to craft beautiful, natively compiled apps that support mobile, web, desktop, and embedded platforms. It’s anything you’d run to for faster, cross-platform app development.

And now, for a faster turn-around time, we are introducing eight customizable Flutter plugins to help you save your development time and boost your team’s productivity. These plugins are Aveo Software’s advanced solutions to repetitive tasks that can consume thousands of your development time.

So, let’s dive right in!

Benefits of our reusable Flutter plugins and app components

Having reusable Flutter components at your disposal means you can take advantage of the pre-built features to build a full-fledged application faster. And there are tons of benefits to using these plugins in your next Flutter project.

Some core benefits of this approach to app development include the following:

Faster Development

One of the main reasons we developed these plugins is to help you create high-quality software products faster and at a lower cost. That means your team will not have to start from scratch each time you start a new project. And more importantly, they can use these plugins without worrying about security, performance, and usability.


These Flutter plugins are not just reusable — you can customize these components as required. As much as your project demands, you can creatively tweak the features to get the look, feel, and flexibility you need.

Scalable with demand

Unlike low-code platforms, these reusable Flutter app components do not depend on the platform’s flexibility. You can easily use these plugins on your app and extends their functionality as needed. Thus, allowing your team to keep up with the rising demands of your application.

Easily maintainable

Another crucial benefit of these ready-made Flutter components is that they are independent of any project and reusable. They provide more minor features you can manage and maintain before integrating them into your projects.

Once you customize them to a certain standard, it will be easy to update the components to upgrade them in your projects. You can test the updated component independently before you modify your projects to reflect the changes, which saves a lot of maintenance time and resources.


There’s nothing as beautiful to champion as a developer as reusability. How crucial is it to use a component multiple times differently in several projects? That would be great. Writing less and less code for your repetitive project components and getting the same functionality and experience you intended is the best thing a developer can desire.

With Aveo Flutter Plugins, you can spare your team the pain of repeatedly registering the same code instead of letting them focus on your project’s core functionality. You can implement these components effortlessly into your apps to serve your project’s needs.

Boost UI/UX consistency

Reusing components in your projects will save development time and provide a consistent UI/UX to users. Consistent and clear user experiences can save your customer’s experiences. Thankfully, reusing pre-built components will automatically allow you to provide consistent user experiences while saving development time.

Saves testing time

Since we’ve tested these plugins, it’ll reduce the testing time when you implement them into your apps. We’ve already tested for performance, security, and bugs to ensure that you will have an easy time during the development and testing phases.

8 Flutter Plugins To Reduce Your App Development Time

Aveo Authentication

Mobile app authentication is a familiar developer’s task and an ideal candidate for a fully-functional, reusable, and ready-made Flutter module to remove the repetitive work.

Packed with several authentication options, you can quickly develop high-end applications without worrying about this daunting but critical process. You can customize this plugin to fit your project’s new app or existing application requirements.

From Firebase-email authentication to Google, Apple, GitHub, Facebook, Twitter, Phone, or Biometric login, you are sure to use the most secure and safe user-handling functionality for any of your mobile applications.

Why use the Aveo Authentication Flutter plugin?

Pre-built authentication function can save a lot of time for you to dedicate to the core features of your app. Authentication is necessary for all apps, and it is reasonable for us to create a plugin to help you solve this problem once.

We’ve included all the major social signup options to give you everything you’ll need for any app you’re building. The Aveo Authentication module can be easily integrated into any Flutter project quickly. You can customize the code, taking out some parts and adding more whenever needed to serve your project’s needs.

Get started on your project today without worrying about your app’s authentication. This module can be used in any industry and applies to several use cases, from e-commerce to healthcare and education.

The code is 100% functional and ready for any Flutter project. Thus, it saves you the hustle and time you’d use to build your project login modules. And more importantly, the code is safe and secure.

Features of Aveo Authentication

Here are some of the features of our authentication app:

Aveo Notification

The AveoNotification package simplifies receiving Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) push notifications and sending notifications to a topic. FCM provides reliable cross-platform messaging solutions at no extra cost.

Implementing FCM in your app can take a lot of time, yet it shouldn’t be a hassle. With the AveoNotification Flutter plugin, you can quickly set up your FCM on your project to send notification messages when necessary. For example, you can use the AveoNotification plugin to send marketing messages to increase engagement and retention.

You can build, target, and send messages through a trusted environment, sending and receiving them to your client app through Apple, Android, or web (JavaScript) transport services.

Aveo Login Lite

User login and registration functionality are often necessary or mandatory for many mobile applications. If you’re working on a Flutter app, you may need to implement an assigned or sign-in feature.

Aveo Login Lite is a lightweight and ready-made Flutter Login module that allows developers to quickly implement login/signup functionality into their apps to save development time.

Login and signup processes are often necessary for many applications. It can be challenging to create these app elements repeatedly amidst our busy schedules. And, as long as you develop Flutter applications that require users to sign up, sign in, reset passwords, and more, you will undoubtedly find this time-saving module necessary.

Why use Aveo Login Lite in your app?

Features of Aveo Login Lite

Aveo Map

AveoMap is another Flutter plugin from Aveo Software that simplifies adding map markers. Markers identify a location, often displayed as standard or custom images.

AveoMap helps you set custom icons that overlay your map to make it interactive and customized. You can add event listeners to your markers; for example, add a click event listener to display custom information when users click on your tags.

Moreover, you can set the markers draggable to let users move features to any location, giving them the functionality they need for the best user experiences. AveoMap makes it easier for you to implement custom map functionality in your Flutter project. It removes the effort and the time you could’ve dedicated to other core components of your app.

Aveo Storage

AveoStorage is a complete package for offline & online storage with predefined functions for storing and retrieving data easily. It is a one-stop solution to help you integrate a LocalDatabase or a Storage module into your project with just a few configurations.

If you want a storage utility for the Flutter app to persist your data for future use, the AveoStorage module is the ideal tool you can run to. Depending on the storage requirements of your app, you’ll most likely prefer to use predefined functions to speed up the process of creating your code from scratch.

And whether you want to use embedded databases or online databases like Firebase, the AveoStorage Flutter plugin has all the qualities you need to get your app running faster. From simple key-value pairs to complex data, our Flutter module provides everything you need to create and update your offline and online databases.

Features of Aveo Storage

Aveo Flutter Payment

The Aveo Flutter Payment package simplifies the payment gateway integration for your Flutter projects. It provides the most delightful developer experiences while giving users seamless payment experiences on your apps.

With customizable and powerful payment integration options that don’t take forever to add to your app, you get out-of-the-box, hassle-free functionality to collect payments.

AveoFlutterPayment simplifies how you collect and handle your customer’s sensitive data to let you remain PCI-compliant. Our integration package will securely provide a direct link to your payment platforms from your app.

Features of Aveo Flutter Payment


Fetching data is now almost necessary for any app, yet it’s a repetitive and daunting process for developers. Luckily, Avio is a new Flutter utility working towards making API calls as easy as possible for the developers.

Making API calls, showing connectivity status, and handling loading overlay is now much easier with the Avio Flutter plugin. Fetching your data with this plugin will save your development time and cost, giving you more time and resources to focus on the other critical features of your app.

Aveo Chat

AveoChat is one stop solution to integrate a chatting module into your project. You can get the AveoChat module to work on your existing project with a few configurations. You can use this module to reduce the development time for building fully-fledged infrastructures for chatting.

Furthermore, you can use this module for several applications, including dating apps, social media, support apps, etc. Create chat features quickly to let people chat with each other, connect with others, or allow businesses or organizations to communicate with their clients.

Features of Aveochat

Aveo Media Player

Aveoplayer is another Flutter app module that allows developers to add video playback support to their apps faster and easier. You can reduce up to 80% of development time for simple media integrations and 50% for complex or advanced custom player UI integration.

You can add custom UI elements and make your video player match the theme of your app. Moreover, you do not need to take tens of hours to create an integrated media player when you can tweak a few code lines and get the feature your project needs. All these major use cases are built-in, simple widgets.

Use this plugin for all your apps that require an integration of a media player. These modules’ use cases include embedded video players, social feeds pages, and video playback pages like YouTube.

Final thoughts

Flutter plugins allow you to build well-performing and fully-fledged mobile applications quickly. We have discussed some of the benefits of these plugins and their use cases to help you get started and reduce the development time.

Try these modules today and reduce over 1500+ hours of development. And remember, we can help you with all your custom software development projects. Contact us today for inquiries.