A comprehensive guide: How to hire the best app developer

3 Dec 2021 | Hire Developers


The first look at innumerable applications on any mobile phone or tablet makes me wonder; what sort of tech wizards are the people who curate these fortunate software programs?

Well, the answer is app developers. So be it for web or mobile devices, these experts blend the needed tools, techniques, knowledge, and expertise to develop varied profitable applications. Today, with technological drift in full swing, when you hire flutter developers or any other web developer, they actualize your plan and ideas into an iconic application. 

But, is every app developer in the market the same in delivering results?

Of course not! 

The level of knowledge, experience, general awareness about updates and upgrades, your requirement level, available hiring options, etc. are a few parameters that make you choose one app developer and not the other. 

In this read, you will be familiarized with all the tips and tricks to hire the best app developer. At the end of this content, you will be able to answer the questions like:

Let’s get started!

How to hire a first-rate app developer?

Treasure hunt or conduct an in-depth research

Spotting the perfect app developer for your web or mobile application is like searching for some treasure. Careful search and research are involved. Many options categorized under freelance, in-house, and outsource are to be evaluated based on competency, experience, cost, and more. 

Remember, a change in geographical location can also make a difference in cost. One should also check for past reviews and testimonials from previous clients of the developer. Identify your own needs. If you need to hire flutter developer, look for the one with the requisite competency only.

Experience enhances the expertise, so look for their work profile

Being in any field, experience is of prime significance. Expertise is the outcome of experience developed over time and a plethora of completed projects. Ask the developer about his similar experiences. Evaluate the developer’s work profile. Look for the strong user experience and interference created by developers for their past projects. Google knowledge graph is one such tool that helps to identify and evaluate the experience of the developers. Look at the work output of the shortlisted developers from the app user’s perspective, and not from a technical angle.

Avoid any communication barrier

In the below-mentioned obstacles section, the communication gap is one of the prime headings. This means that apart from experience and expertise, the free flow of communication is one non-negotiable parameter. The buyers and service providers of the app development process should agree at every moment. Lack of communication leads to a lack of understanding, which results in unsatisfactory output. Often the use of digital tools like messenger, Facetime, or Skype helps minimize this barrier to a large extent. 

Clear your expectations

Make your needs and expectations clear to the developer at the first meet itself. Clarity of expectations means clarity of goals. These expectations also help determine the next step in app development and evaluation of the results. Often a clear communication of expectations leads to the hiring of the other developer because the current one does not fit in feasibly.

Quiz the prospective developers thoroughly

One should never be hesitant to interview the shortlisted developers. Often companies outsource the experts to grill these developers. The interview session comes out with answers related to the experience, programming tools, industry experience, reviews, feedback, communication, etc. related to the developer. In case the developer is a third-party company or agency, interview them regarding their resources, team members, and expertise of each member.

Double-check for safety and security of the database

Of course, you don’t want your idea to come out into the market much before you launch it. For this purpose, a privacy and confidentiality clause is a must. Both parties should sign a non-disclosure agreement. This NDA holds good irrespective of the kind of web developer.

Get clear answers to these questions before you hire

What will be the approximate cost?

Everyone wants the best of features to accessorize his app. But imbibing too many attributes means more to spend on money. For this reason, it is suggestive to have a clear idea about the maximum workable budget, and what are the prioritized aspects of the desired app. 

Remember that the features, use of Android, iPhone or web platform, and kind of developer are three prime deciding factors for the cost/budget of the app.

Which sort of developer should be hired – full-time, part-time, or hourly?

You might have a proficient team of developers, but your new requirement expresses the need to hire a specialized developer. So either you will have to invest in training your old team on the new technology or simply outsource.

Training is a more time-consuming and expensive affair. So either you can now hire freelance developers available on multiple freelance hiring platforms or outsource the work from the best agencies like Aveo Software, the mobile app development company Canada.

Outsourcing from individuals or agencies is always a better option because it increases the probability of getting a complete package of professional expertise in one price plan.

What are the disputes or obstacles while hiring the best app developer?

Short-listing the flawless wizards for app development is not a child’s game. It requires experience and vigilance. Obstacles like the one shared will arise and so are needed to combat.

Budget versus estimated expense

Often, the financial limitations compel a person to choose a less experienced developer. The fear of not being able to spend much restricts you from exploring better cost-effective options.

Multiple hiring options 

There are multiple online hiring websites where the vendors often fake the technology competency of the developers. This might often mislead people into choosing non-eligible app developers. In-house developers are on a monthly salary, which means they are to be paid even when their services are not hired. 

Lack of proper flow of communication between the developer and you

The communication gap arises mostly when the app development services are outsourced from a third party. The distance beyond national boundaries leads to differences in time zones or languages., which then create communication gaps.

Final note

Let’s recapitulate the main pointers by browsing through the heads and sub-heads at the end of this knowledgeable content. If any of your queries remain unanswered, you may share them in the comment section below. We answer that in the shortest turnaround time.

Remember, the finally developed app is the gateway through which your business reams see the real world. So, your curator should be the best. If you have a few app developer options in your mind, you can get them verified by contacting us too. After all, it is an investment that yields both short-term and long-term results.