For Startup Strategy, Why Outsourcing App Development Is Effective

13 Oct 2021 | Hire Developers


Are you hoping to develop a mobile app for your startup, but you’re wondering which one’s better: outsourcing the project to a mobile app development company or hiring an in-house developer?

Most startup founders asked the same question, and they settled for outsourcing. According to statistics, software development is one of the most outsourced services in the world, and with a report by Delliotte revealing that IT outsourcing services increased significantly by 31% over the past year, and are projected to be on the rise, you can expect that more and more businesses will choose to hire a mobile app development company to build their app.

Why do businesses outsource their IT solutions? Or better still, what are the benefits of outsourcing your mobile app development to an IT company?

Benefits of app development outsourcing

Outsourcing your mobile app development is the best thing for your business, and these seven major benefits will prove it:

1. Outsourcing is Cost-effective

If you’re hoping to scale your startup, you should take advantage of every opportunity to cut costs. One way to achieve this is to outsource your mobile app development.

Statistics have shown that this act alone can help you reduce costs by up to 75%. Outsourcing gives you cost predictability. What that means is that you can expect to pay a fixed cost, based on metrics that are agreed upon with your developer. However, unlike outsourcing, the cost of maintaining an in-house team is unpredictable, and can be astronomical — you’ll have to bear the burden of costs arising from insurance, training, overtime, raises, and so on. According to Forrester, companies should expect to set higher budgets than anticipated, to be able to accommodate such unpredictabilities within the first two years.

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2. Experienced personnel

For a tech startup, if you’re new to the market, the early stage is usually the most challenging. At such a vulnerable stage, what you need is appropriate guidance backed by relevant experience. By outsourcing your software development, you can hire a mobile app development company with the best pool of talented programmers who have developed many of such apps in the past, and are familiar with the nitty-gritty of mobile app development.

3. Hawk-eyed data security

After developing an app, it is necessary to safeguard it, especially if it’s a commercial app that is more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Your app contains sensitive data about your organization, any leak of such information is going to have serious consequences for your business. This is where you need the services and help of a reliable outsourcing company.

Besides having strong security mechanisms, after signing legal documents, including the non-disclosure agreement, all the risks are transferred to the outsourcing company, as such, they’re responsible for securing sensitive information related to the project. That way, you won’t have to worry about “project theft”, or leakage of any sensitive data.

4. Continuous support

Mobile app development is not a one-time thing, rather, it is an ongoing process. After your app is up and running, there are still many issues to take care of. If you hire a good IT company, they’ll stand by you throughout the whole process — from strategizing and conceptualizing your ideas, developing and testing them on different platforms, to deploying and marketing the app. Even after deployment, they’ll support you with services such as updates, security, cloud hosting, analytics, and so on.

5. Quality and professionalism

Software development companies specialize in one thing — building software. As such, they surround themselves with the best of the best programmers, they’re constantly training their staff to stay up to date with the latest equipment, knowledge, and technology to be able to serve their clients better and keep the business running. With that, you can be sure of top-notch quality and professionalism on your project.

6. Saves lots of time

Time is an important factor for any startup. Once an idea for an app has been devised, the time for the development is of the essence. The lesser time you spend developing the app, the better. This is because no idea is original. Someone somewhere might probably be thinking of the same innovative ideas you have in mind, and if you move in slow motion with your app project, someone else might just beat you to it.

When you outsource, the IT company will ensure you regarding the time frame for completing the project. Considering they’ve already handled a lot of projects like yours in the past, and already know the nitty-gritty of app development, there won’t be any problem with keeping to the deadline. And without delay, you’ll have your app ready to launch on schedule.

7. Increased efficiency

If your in-house team of developers has their hands full with other projects, adding an extra task may put too much burden and pressure on them, and this may end up compromising the quality of projects.

Also, there may be delays in some projects while trying to complete others faster. Even if you choose to hire more hands, you’re likely going to spend more time and resources in the process of hiring and training them, ultimately adding to your cost.

In situations like this, the best approach will be to outsource the project to an IT company while your in-house team focuses on handling the projects at hand. The IT company you outsource to will dedicate time, resources, and expertise to the work without compromising on quality. Plus, you also get it within the expected time frame. That way, both the existing project and new project will come out fine, and on schedule. It’s a good way to multi-task within your organization.

The bottom line

These are some of the major reasons that motivate businesses to outsource their software development to IT companies. For a startup, you’re going to need every useful information you can get. Now that you know the benefits of outsourcing, a good move will be to follow the steps of other startups and hire a mobile app development company to build your mobile application.