Hiring a vendor to build your software? Here’s what to consider when evaluating agencies

31 Mar 2022 | Software Development


Hiring a vendor to build your software? Here’s what to consider when evaluating agencies 

Whether you are new to software use or an experienced guru, you will at some time need the services of a software developer. You may need software that matches your needs or wish to enhance your software design. You will need a software developer to perform the tasks in either case. 

Nonetheless, there is a sea of software developers in the market. The tech-savvy world provides alternatives that can confuse your choice. For example, the US employed 1.49 million software developers in 2020. The numbers will rise to 1.84 million by 2034. These statistics tell you the confusion you may get to find the right software developer. The right software developer should provide quality services to the clients’ specific needs. Importantly, getting it wrong at choosing the vendor is the start of your failure. 

Canadian cities are now the leading fast-growing technology hotspots. The expansions in technology development have correlated with the rise of IT specialists. Software developers are among the most sort careers in Canada. The world-leading e-commerce has announced massive recruitment of software developers in Canada. In 2021, Canada had reported a 73% increase in software development job postings. 

For these reasons, there are numerous software development companies in Canada. Therefore getting the right developer in the sea of these engineers is not easy. For instance, Calgary is the heart of the digital transformation in Alberta, Canada. It will spend $20 billion on digital transformation between 2021 and 2024. Software Companies in Calgary solve the world’s most challenges. 

Tailor-made software is the answer to today’s dynamic business needs. Therefore, getting the right Saas tool is not easy. However, we are here to help you know what to consider when doing a vendor evaluation. 

“When to use iterative development? You should use iterative development only on projects that you want to succeed.”

Martin Fowler

What to consider when evaluating software development agencies?

Before committing your funds to a software development agency, consider the following. 

1. Make a needs assessment first

It is essential first to know what exactly you need before you shop. If you fail to know what features you need in the software, how can the developer know? This is what many people will not tell you. However, before checking on anything else, you need to perform your needs assessment. 

Inquire from your team about the features they consider a must-have in the new software. Separate these features with those that can be better but are not mandatory. Narrow down to the specific components or design you need for the software. This way, you will get it well communicated to the developer. You will find it easy to find a developer who matches your needs. 

2. Check on vendor credentials

Credentials are collective words that tell you to check on several things. You need to check on the vendor’s background even to know who they are. The internet offers a variety of data silos for most of these developer companies. You can read and understand their culture, policies, and customer service. Insists on knowing whether they are registered or certified. Working with a certified software developer feels safer. 

Importantly do not forget to check on their recent performance in the market. Check whether the company is downsizing or growing. It will inform about the customer satisfaction levels of the company. Committing to a downsizing company is risking your hard-earned money. 

3. Reputation 

The mushrooming of software developers make it hard to know who is trustworthy. Trust is an essential requirement for every service seeker. If you cannot trust them, do not commit the work to them. 

 The internet contains ranking systems for most software developers. What others say about them is very important. The online reviews will help you know the experience of past customers. If most of the reviews are complaints of poor work or unmet deadlines, consider them red flags. 

Transparency is something you cannot risk. You need a software developer who is sincere and honest about their services. Additionally, you can know if the vendor is transparent from the online reviews. Commit your fund where trust prevails.

 3.  Customer service 

Customer service is an essential requirement in vendor assessment. The type of customer service offered will determine your experience with the developer. In most cases, companies with effective round-the-clock customer services increase the attraction. Clients feel safe when their emergency calls are received and their questions answered. Therefore, check on the customer support services. 

You may need to make some changes to your requirement list. Getting a developer that is ready to listen to you is crucial. However, if the vendor penalizes you for changing your requirement list they are not the right match

A good company will take good care of your before, during, and after you engage with them. Therefore, commit to those you are confident will listen and support you. 

4. Cost 

You can only stretch to the limits of your budget. Therefore, when vetting a software developer, get their quotations. Budgetary limitations determine the type of developer you get. However, sometimes, cost does not matter most but the quality of service. Additionally, expensive does not mean quality. Learn to separate the two. 

Subsequently, cheap does not always mean poor quality. Therefore, check on the developer’s prices to know whether you can afford them. Nonetheless, do not be misled by the costs for quality services. Perform the rest evaluation to ascertain whether the developer can deliver the task.

5. Flexibility and delivery timelines 

 Flexibility and delivery timelines are also essential. Besides the above considerations, check on the company’s flexibility in delivering their work. You may not tell whether a company is flexible at first. However, a simple market search should inform you better. A rigid company will meet serious frustrations online. The reviews and comments of past customers will do it all. 

Above all, you may seek the opinions of people you trust. Get their referrals from the software developer. Nonetheless, this should not replace your company evaluation for the job. Notably, software is an indispensable part of personal and business lives. Therefore, these tips should help you get the right software developer company in Canada. Calgary’s sea of software developers should be easy to unfold and get the right hands on the job. You should vet the vendors effectively and determine who suits the tasks.