How augmented reality can transform the Travel Industries

21 Nov 2019 | Ar-Technology


How augmented reality can transform the Travel Industries

You might be familiar with the benefits of Augmented Reality in various areas like advertising, training, production, marketing, amusements, retail and healthcare industries. However, due to the easy availability of mobile devices to the masses, Augmented Reality has become more popular within the travel industry. This is especially because it allows hotels and other businesses working in this domain to intensify the physical environments they are really trying to urge travelers to visit, including local sights and hotel rooms.

Unlike other acquisitions, travel tends to be massively researched, as travelers require loads of information before they arrive. In addition, this need for information does not end when the traveler arrives. Augmented reality can help to assure enough of this information is accessible to them, 24/7 and at times it is most appropriate. The ability to present information immediately is perhaps the most beneficial facet of augmented reality travel. Hotels, inns, and even rental properties have turned toward AR to deliver reviews, directions, and other helpful pieces of info straight onto visitants’ smartphones.

What are the use cases of AR in the travel industry?

Let’s have a look at how augmented reality is transforming the travel industry and how travelers can get more privileges from the journey by using different possibilities of AR.

AR: Guide for Travel

When you visit any new place, you always need a travel guide to help you with complete information about the spiritual, cultural and ancient significance of that place. Thus, hiring an expert travel guide has been always important for the complete pleasure of your holiday journey.

But, Augmented reality turns your mobile into your personal virtual guide. The interactive AR travel guide can instantly give up-to-date background information in a convenient manner, show the three-dimensional sights as well as related videos.

Furthermore, utilizing the camera of your mobile device, Augmented reality technology allows you to retrieve the necessary information only when and where it’s required.

AR: Booking Friendly

The most crucial aspect while planning a trip is to find a hotel & service with all the essential facilities and amenities for your comfort. AR gives a virtual tour with a 3D view of the room along with the facilities of the hotel to be booked on your mobile itself. Not only this, but you can also virtually travel each and every room to know all the aspects like space, furniture and interior décor within them.

Thus, Augmented Reality not only gives an interactive platform to hunt and reserve your hotel accommodation rather you can sense like you are actually visiting the hotel.

In other terms, Augmented Reality adds a wow factor in the booking process and gives you incredible user experience. Eventually, it makes you more determinant while making a decision.

AR: Dining and Entertainment

Dining and entertainment options are essential to anyone planning a journey away from home. Augmented Reality can help restaurants to attract travelers and present them with the appropriate information about the accurate location of the restaurant, food they offer and their unique dishes to help them make dining decisions while they’re traveling. Not only this travelers can also collect discount coupons through gamification, and reserve the table in advance so that they don’t have to wait or miss out on new dining experiences.

AR: Real-time Navigation

It becomes notably challenging to travel to a new nation or a town where you have no hint about the directions. AR visualizes the route to get you to your destination with 3D arrows and other necessary direction and information to the map. No more moving on the spot trying to figure out which direction the arrow is pointing. This enriches your experience, and simplifies the directions, making sure that you can get around quickly to your desired destination during your journey

AR: Language Translator

Definitely, it will be challenging if your travels take you away into such a nation whose native language you don’t understand. The condition gets worse if you see signboards indicating significant tourist places and routes in an unfamiliar language. In such circumstances, there may arise the need to hire an interpreter to help you in translating foreign languages. But you need not worry as augmented reality has some more innovative alternatives for you.  Using AR you can scan written materials such as signs or menus and instantly translate the foreign languages into your preferred, native language.

Wrapping up

The travel industry is one of the booming industries that allows people to explore, experience, and enjoy cultures and places other than their own.  As a traveler, you can use augmented reality technology to choose your holiday destination and activities before and while you travel. AR augments the real surroundings around you enhanced with helpful digital information. Eventually, it offers an incredible travel experience and lets the traveler enjoy the trip to the fullest.