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About project

The team at Aveo Software designed a BulletProof for the BJJ app to help Jiu-Jitsu players become stronger, more mobile, and less prone to injury. It's a program that allows players to find solutions that minimize their risks of injuries while preparing for their BJJ journey.


The Challenge: A need for an app for BJJ preparation

With different recorded videos of workout sessions and FAQs to comprehend the strength and mobility programs. Users can select subscription plans and enjoy a trial period of 7 days before proceeding with the payment. The website has a shopping cart functionality, where users can add and buy their items after payment.


The Solution: A BulletProof for BJJ app

BulletProof for BJJ app has the following functionalities to prepare Jiu-Jitsu players for BJJ:

Sign up

To sign up, users need to follow certain steps:

  • Fill out Information: Users are required to enter their basic information.
  • Choose the Subscription Plan: Select the desired plan.
  • Payment: Users can choose Stripe or PayPal as the payment method and apply discount coupons per the availability. Users are allowed to join the program for seven days without any payment before proceeding with the actual payment for the program.

Add a registered email ID and password to log in to the page.

  • Access Workout Sessions:
    • Select the desired program from Strength and Mobility.
    • Under every program, users can access plans with guidelines, introductions, workouts, and different workout cycle videos.
  • Account Management:
    • Update profile details, including personal details, change the password and view membership.
  • Check different products under various product categories.
  • Sort products by pricing, rating, popularity, and availability.
  • Order Management:
    • Enable consumers to select products, review what they selected, make modifications, add extra items if needed, and purchase them.
  • Order Tracking:
    • Whenever a product is dispatched, they can easily track the product based on its status.
  • Order History:
    • Check the last expense and records of ordered items.
  • Notifications:
    • Users will be notified when the product is placed/shipped/delivered.

For Admins Panel


By using personal credentials, Admins can log in to their profile.

  • Workout Video Management (Program management)
  • Upload the recorded HD workout videos.
  • Add Content for the videos.
  • Add FAQs about the training.
  • Manage Monthly Subscription Plan
  • Develop new monthly subscription plans
  • Customizing prices.
  • Create Editing discount Coupons with expiry dates.
  • Revamping already existing plans for the users.
  • Manage Products/Shopping Cart
  • Manage different products for the customers.
  • Add or remove the items from the web portal.
  • Add detailed descriptions and specifications of the products.
  • Price & Inventory
  • Blog
  • Admins can add blogs with recorded videos and pictures.
  • Users can put comments in the blog comment section.

How we built it

To assemble the steps to a workout: To collocate all the workout sessions in a systematic step-by-step mode within two broad sections of ‘Strength’ and ‘Mobility.’

Moreover, each program would have an overview dropdown content and How to Use instructions with HD videos of both. Further, each workout cycle and every rep would have similar descriptive content with HD videos for easy implementation of the workouts.

The Delight for The Deliverables

Our client was impressed with our work and felt our services matched their requirements.

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