The Top Ten Software Development Trends in 2022

6 Apr 2022 | Software Development


The Top Ten Software Development Trends in 2022

Staying updated on the current tech trends is becoming necessary for businesses to get opportunities that streamline their day-to-day demands.

Nowadays, many software development companies in Canada emerge as fast as the technology that runs the core processes of their clients.

And it’s no surprise that it’s that way. Even minor changes in technological advancements can result in a tremendous impact on business operations, and the brands that don’t keep up lose more businesses.

From artificial intelligence to cloud computing and hybrid developments, these trends keep advancing daily as many more others emerge into the field to replace the old trends that didn’t keep up with time.

Whether you are a software company in Calgary or anywhere else in Canada, ‌consider these top ten software development trends to help you stay updated in 2022.

Top Software Development Trends

1. Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence is among the trends in software development that has remained at the top for some time. AI is gradually becoming a necessity to make use of the various potent capabilities of this technology like Machine Learning and deep learning.

While the initial motive for developing human-like intelligence, current trends show that adoption of this technology is used to make a more comfortable life through the development of next to perfect applications.

Market forecasts show that there is significant growth in the global Artificial Intelligence market that is expected to reach over 126 billion U.S. dollars by 2025.

2. Progressive Web Apps

A PWA is a web application that capitalizes on modern browser capabilities to offer a native-like app experience on mobile devices.

Using a PWA removes the need for downloading apps while promoting the development of more cross-platform applications that are less costly and more responsive.

Progressive Web Apps have been gaining massive popularity in mobile technology since it was introduced in 2015 by Google.

If you are looking to turn your ideas into web apps, consider checking more about PWAs, and how they can help you and your business.

According to Smashing Ideas, you can increase customer engagement up to 250% if you consider switching to a PWA today.

3. Cloud computing

Cloud computing is an old concept, but the rise of applications and services that run on the cloud makes it a significant factor that shapes the current development trends.

On-demand applications, like video streaming apps, use cloud computing technology to power their services. Many businesses opt to use a distributed cloud technology to prevent service disruption and data loss because it ensures a high availability guarantee.

Cloud computing is becoming a trend because of the rise in distributed cloud technology, where services run on multiple cloud providers in different locations to ensure maximum availability and reliability of their services.

4. Low-code development platform

In the current era where simplicity is overvalued, clutters remain to be among the top hindrances to advancements and comfort.

Even with the increasing demand for software development, more people are becoming more interested in learning to infuse their creativity with technology without having to spend hours learning the technical skills required.

Thus, the rise of low-code development tools is expected to gain more popularity in 2022 because of their straightforward execution developments through features like visual designs.

5. Continuous Integration + Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

The ability to upgrade to new or better technology without the need to replace your current platform is continuously made possible with continuous integrations.

This is especially a higher priority for cloud-based e-commerce platforms, where users demand access to work with outside services as fast as possible to optimize their performance on these platforms.

Thus, it is apparent that CI/CD will remain a best-practice software development trend in 2022 since it is emerging with no data that backs up against it.

While CI allows developers to speed up app developments, the CD speeds up the update’s delivery so you can focus more on complicated tasks. 

6. Outsourcing

In 2018, Technavio predicted that the market size for IT outsourcing alone will reach over 409 billion U.S. dollars by 2022. Well, it’s now 2022, and the prediction is nearly perfect.

Moreso, given the 6.61% CAGR that was announced by in February 2022, the global IT outsourcing market size forecast for 2027 is expected to reach 610.12 billion U.S. dollars.

The IT market, just like other industries, offers unlimited access to more qualified developers from different regions or locations at an extremely lower cost through outsourcing.

Thus, the trend comes in when more companies choose to outsource instead of hiring an in-house developer to increase flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

While many companies viewed remote work as scary, the covid pandemic forced more businesses to consider switching. Because of the more favorable benefits of outsourcing, more companies are shifting their attitudes to a remote workforce.

7. Automation

The need to streamline the most tedious and repetitive tasks is one trend that has led to software development automation.

The most noteworthy approach to automation from the tech pipelines to create value is the evaluation of code quality, which up to now it’s been through manual reviews.

It is no surprise, though, that automation of code quality evaluation is increasingly gaining more adoption as a model for reviewing code readability, scalability, and maintainability; Code quality is still an extremely important factor in the software development industry.

8. Predictive analytics

With the adoption of Business Intelligence, forecasting and predictive analytics have been the core feature of inventory-intensive businesses.

Never ‌has it been so useful for many more other businesses from different industries than in the last few years.

How does predictive analytics work?

It is simple. With data science algorithms, collecting, structuring, and detecting trends on past events form the basis of predictive analytics.

You can then check out the emerging trends from these past insights and use Machine Learning to let you define conditionals that lead to certain future events with ease.

So, the more software development companies in Canada adopt predictive analytics for their software developments, the more business owners gain control of future events.

9. Cross-Platform And Hybrid Development

With the increase in the number of devices with different operating systems, there’s a growing need to develop applications that function across such devices.

Though it is still widely used, the common system for creating separate software applications for every platform is no longer as effective as this new trend.

Appreciate the new possibilities that allow you to maximize the growing number of cross-platform development tools. That way, you help your clients save more time and unnecessary costs while helping them reach more consumers faster.

10. Mobile-Responsive Design

With the high adaptability and proliferation of cheap smartphones, especially in the emerging markets, there’s an obvious spike in mobile-responsive design demands for many software applications.

Statistics reveal that 74% of visitors are more likely to return if your website is mobile-friendly. There is a massive demand for mobile apps that’s expected to generate over 900 Billion US dollars in 2022.

As long as we will still depend on smartphones for shopping, socializing, and consuming online content, the need for more responsive designs will never cease.


Software development is a highly dynamic industry where every minute counts, and any advancements significantly change the way we live and work.

Many software development companies in Canada need not be left out of these trends—not even if you are just a growing company in Calgary.

That way, we are all equipped with timely insights to adopt these technologies that will help us turn our ideas into functional and effective software applications.

We hope that this list of top ten software development trends in 2022 gave you an update to capitalize on them