The Airmarket Web Portal, developed by Aveosoftware, is a cutting-edge solution designed to change the way drone flights are planned and managed within the airspace. This project was initiated in response to the growing need for a Control system tailored specifically for drones. By integrating critical flight planning information and compliance checks into a single platform, the Airmarket Web Portal enhances the safety, efficiency, and reliability of drone operations.


Objectives Achieved

Comprehensive Flight Planning:
Pilots can now plan their flights in detail by incorporating essential data such as flight paths, Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations, flight geography, and other safety parameters.

Operational Compliance:
The portal includes an automated compliance checker that alerts users to potential airspace conflicts or restrictions, ensuring all flights adhere to regulatory standards.

Enhanced Safety Measures:
With features like operational volume management, fly-away buffer zones, and integration of population density data, the portal significantly enhances flight safety.


Features of Airmarket

Flight Planning

  • Define Flight Path: Users can specify the complete flight path for their drone operation.
  • BVLOS Operations: Indicate whether the flight will involve flying beyond the pilot's visual line of sight (BVLOS).
  • Flight Geography: Define the specific location and terrain of the planned flight zone.
  • Operational Volume: Specify the number of drones involved in the operation for better airspace management.
  • Fly-Away Buffer: Set a safety buffer zone around the planned flight path to minimize risk.

Data Integration

  • NOTAM Integration: Access and display relevant airspace restrictions from existing NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) systems.
  • Population Density: Provide information on population density within the flight zone, allowing for risk assessment based on potential hazards on the ground.
  • Weather Report: The system provides real-time weather reports so that the drone pilots can be prepared for the challenges.

Real-Time Features

  • Conflict Detection System: Continuously monitor airspace usage and alert pilots of potential conflicts, including:
  • Restricted airspace incursions - Identify any overlap with restricted areas for drone operations.
  • Overlapping Flight Paths - Alert pilots if their planned flight path intersects with another drone's path, preventing mid-air collisions.

Success and Impact
The development of the Airmarket Web Portal has set a new benchmark in drone flight planning and management. It addresses critical needs within the drone operating community by providing a tool that ensures greater safety, compliance, and operational efficiency. The portal has been well-received by Drone pilots, marking a significant step forward in the integration of drones into airspace management systems.

Future Directions
Aveosoftware mixed the best of design language with cutting-edge tech to develop a standout web portal for Airmarket. We delivered a site that not only works great but also looks amazing, pushing the boundaries of what's expected in drone flight planning websites.


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