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Project summary


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About project

We built a system, The R & B department app, to help our clients ease the management of their projects and internal communication. It provides features that allow for the effective management of roads and building projects.


The challenge

The pain of manually entering and managing all your project details in Excel is perhaps one of today’s most irritating tasks that every business or organization seeks to battle. It’s not only more repetitive, but it’s dull and unintuitive to work on actual project data within the platform.

Well, of course, Excel is a powerful tool for managing your projects and business data. However, at some point, you can’t help but feel the nudging need to upgrade — to look for a customized solution that is more efficient, scalable, and effective for your growing needs.

Initially, our client had to manually enter and manage their project-related work in Excel, which was very time-consuming and burdensome for the team. So, our client hired us to develop the system that would solve most of these problems, and here is what we delivered:


A robust project management app for the R & B department

A project-intensive department demands a lot of functionality to make its day-to-day tasks more effortless. This app was a massive custom app development project for our team, and at the outset, it was a year-long task for any software development company. Thankfully, the team at Aveo Software developed this powerful app in record time.

The team from our client’s department is now delighted to tap into the effortless project management and the excellent internal communication system. The system now spares them the hassles and time it could take to do it manually over their previous project management system.

From the intuitive user interface to the deeper user management levels, the app provides seamless functionality to handle extensive projects and infuse efficient team collaboration into the platform. The client was delighted to have a system that meets all the requirements and delivers trouble-free management of the projects and their details.


Features of the R & B app

Clean and Elegant Dashboards

One of the key features of the R & B app is that we created clean, beautiful, and custom dashboards that are tailored to display all the critical data about the projects at a go. With our expert UI/UX designers, the view of the data is so clear, and the projects’ data is presented clearly, leaving no room for ambiguity and confusion.

Custom reporting and visualization

Another valuable feature of the R & B app that we built into the app is efficient data reporting. We created a way for privileged users can access critical information about their projects from the dashboard and the excellent navigation system, thus making it easier for users to make data-driven decisions.

Advanced project management

We built a comprehensive project management system that collects and presents highly-detailed project details. Our UI/UX designers did their best to ensure that users get the best user experiences when updating and viewing the project’s data. So, even though the projects’ details are extensive, they are still digestible and manageable.

Centralized and secure project database

With the new app, we centralized data in a secure and central location where only authenticated users can access it. Managers can also assign different access privileges to users so that the right users can see or alter the project details. Thus, only those with the rights can view or manipulate the data.


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