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About project

We built an auction management app for the web and mobile. The purpose of this app is to manage and automate auctions for our clients. With these applications, the warehouse managers and staff can store, secure, and relinquish the auction items effortlessly. Thus, it makes the manual process easier, faster, and more portable for warehouse management.


The challenge

Finding and locating items in a large warehouse is a tedious process that could take more time for warehouse employees. Worst, handling the process of manually scanning and uploading the details of the items is tiresome, repetitive, and boring.

Initially, our client had to generate ZIP folders, where the employees had to scan items, stick a tag number on the product, and upload these details into a CSV file. All these processes had to be done manually, no matter the number of products in the warehouse.

And with the hundreds of products placed in different parts of the warehouse, our client saw a need to build a system to manage and automate their warehouse auctions. This need would ease the burden of manual warehouse auction processes to ease the burden for the staff.

We also included a reporting feature to help managers understand critical data about the warehouse processes, a feature that users could find it tiresome to do it manually. And thus, all these automated processes create more time for the staff to focus on core activities that will grow the warehouse.


Our solution: a tailored system for auction management

With the new Action Management web application, most of our client’s warehouse hassles get automated for easier management. The client can now find peace of mind with auction management. From item placement to user management, this system is designed to address the needs of the warehouse staff.

Managers and staffs find item placement management a great time and energy saver. Still, the items are placed in different parts of the warehouses, yet it is now easier to locate them with the web application.

Managers also do not have to hassle hard to manage users, item scans, auctions, locations, and warehouse areas. They can add and modify locations and warehouse areas, add and edit auction details, reset auction data, manage scans, and view critical warehouse reports in the admin panel.


Features of the Auction Management Web Application

Automatic item tag generation

Warehouse operators can use the system to generate the item’s tag numbers automatically for every scan by selecting the warehouse area and the item type. If a scan fails, it is recorded and stored under Failed Scans. The system generates customized tag numbers by combining the warehouse area, incremental numbers for each subsequent scan, and the item’s initial tag. You can define these different warehouse areas in the admin panel

Intuitive admin panel

We designed an Auction Management app with all the complexities of auction housewares in mind. Our team discussed ways to make this system simple, user-focused, and easy to use. The admins can easily define new locations and warehouse areas, view different reports about warehouse operations, and manage auctions with a few clicks. User management is also straightforward, making it easier to update users and their privileges on the system.

Powerful web scrap feature

The Auction management web application has powerful web app scrap features to save your data from your products, including images, on Walmart and Amazon. We created this feature to conserve the users’ time and provide accessible and complete information about your products within a single Excel sheet.

Safe and secure app

Once the warehouse employee has scanned the item, the successful scan list will be stored in a zip file, and the failed scans will be displayed in the “failed scans” list in the admin panel. The data will then be stored in cloud data centers with multiple layers of security to keep them safe and secure. We designed a simple user login/signup system to allow seamless and controlled data access.

Accessible across multiple devices

To access the auction management web application, you need a web browser and an internet connection. Use it on tablets, Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices. Warehouse users and managers can now use the system anywhere, at any time, on any device. With a powerful login system, users can access the system securely on any device and get the right privileges to perform actions specified on their accounts.

Simplified and automatic data storage

The client initially had to handle the entire process of generating ZIP folders manually. The warehouse employees had to scan the items, stick a tag number on the product, then upload the product details obtained from scanning manually into the CSV file. The process was tiresome as they had hundreds of data to store in CSV, and the system simplified everything.

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