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About project

Jungle Brothers Gyms created a new way to scale their business with a custom gym management software that put an end to their admin hell and presented a new opportunity for growth


The Problems Of Being an Industry Pioneer

While Jungle Brothers tried several software solutions to help with gym management, they were let down each and every time.

The software platforms on the market just couldn’t meet their needs and made it impossible to grow their business:

  • Bloated with features that made things too complicated
  • Restrictive and inflexible for their philosophy
  • Hard to teach to new staff and subcontractors
  • Painfully slow to operate
  • Missing key functionality

The Result: We Built A World-Class Gym Management Software That Leaves Legacy Platforms In The Dust

The Jungle Brothers gym management platform is designed from the ground up to be super fast, easy to use, and flexible -yet able to scale and grow with our clients’ and their alliance of affiliated gyms.

  • Drastically cuts down on admin time.
  • Streamlined usability, so all staff and coaches can use it efficiently.
  • Tablet-based features, so staff are in the gym not in the office.
  • Group-training functionality front and center.
  • Built to scale and grow.
  • Takes care of: invoices, classes, workouts, leads, member management, contracts, payments and much more.


Features of Jungle Brothers Gym

Gym Class Management

  • Customized ‘workout of the day’ – automatically displayed on gym screens.
  • Class reservations and easy check-ins for members.
  • Manage the class calendar and automatically update changes at every touch-point.

Membership Management

  • Easily onboard new members and sign digital contracts and waivers in seconds.
  • Flexible membership types, payment plans, discounts and Stripe payment integration.
  • Member activity records allow staff to re-engage under-active gym members.
  • Easily set up monthly or fortnightly subscriptions and recurring payments with auto-generated invoices.

Lead Management & Conversion

  • Capture leads and move them through an optimized customer journey.
  • Identify prospective customers for onboarding and personal engagement from staff members.
  • Automated marketing funnel to prompt leads and convert them to a paid membership.

Communications Platform

  • Built-in email marketing to convert leads and prospective members.
  • Automated payment reminders, confirmations and invoice emails.
  • Automatically inform members of any changes to classes they’re booked on.

Onboarding New Gyms

  • Allows Jungle Brothers to grow by offering this platform as a SaaS to other gyms.
  • Manage affiliate gyms’ memberships, payments and marketing.
  • ACustom branding and messaging for every affiliated gym in the alliance.

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