Blanca app - a music board for nature sounds & relaxation


Project summary

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About project

We developed an app, The Blanca app, to give users access to relaxing nature sounds & ambient music to help them relax. Users can play multiple sounds, loop music, and set when to turn off the music automatically to enjoy the best relaxation experience.

The challenge

Nowadays, people face more stress and interruptions that can be overwhelming to overcome. Stressful situations in their homes, workplaces, or social places have become a part of modern life. But how do they cope with such situations? How do they make life more peaceful and enjoyable?

We all worry and get upset from time to time. It has become a part of our daily life, but what can we do when the anxiety or stress takes over? How can you relax when you cannot calm down? Sure, it is often easier said than done.

And precisely, that’s why the Blanca app exists — to help you relax when you’re feeling anxious, stressed, or restless. You can hear the sounds anytime you wish. You can play them while sleeping, driving, studying, or strolling to relax your mind and body.

The Blanca app

While it can seem so easy to develop a nature relaxation app — that it is as easy as creating a music player playing some sounds — this app required a more thoughtful app design!

From the selection of app icons to the whole design of the user interface, every aspect of the app had to show its nature: to lead the user to an immersive app experience, which couldn’t be any easier.

Thankfully, Aveo Software delivered the best nature relaxation app that surpassed expectations. This mobile application has been carefully designed to provide an excellent user experience to help users relax.

Features of the Blanca app

Play multiple sounds at once; adjust the volume separately

Blanca app allows users to tap and play multiple nature sounds and ambient music. They can adjust the volumes for each playing sound to enjoy a unique relaxation experience that their mind can find perfect for their relaxation.

Automatically turn off the sounds on the schedule

With the Blanca app, users can switch off the sounds without hitting the stop button! We created the app with a feature to schedule the time that turns off the sounds automatically, be it in two minutes or 10 hours.

Music loops automatically

Users can also play music for as long as they like without worrying about the music stopping or ending before they want it to stop. Blanca gives them total control over the sounds and the music, without the need to hit replay multiple times!

The music play directly from the server

Users need not download the music or the sounds separately; the app will stream the music directly from a remote server and cache them for offline use. Thus, it will spare users the burden of multiple downloads, storage clutters, and the time to organize the sounds.

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