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About project

Casa Match, a property rental platform that offers high-end property to a global network of travelers for the long-term. This application is filled with innovative functionalities that keep it apart from other platforms. The application’s significant outcome is that landlords can list their property and renters can choose a property for long-term from an array of listed properties.

Casa match is also putting efforts to make the renting experience more fruitful than expected. Talking about the application, Casa match allows renters and landlords to experience unique features like map functionality, personalized dashboards, calendars, and much more. This application’s primary concern is to render services for homeowners to advertise their vacancies and renters find their perfect home.


The challenge

This main challenge was transforming the client’s specific business process to software and automating more than 50% of work. The client also needed to complete this project quickly without losing quality.

User-Friendly Platform :

The most challenging part was to build a user-friendly application that let landlords list high-end properties available in the area, by adding important details about the property such as photos, property address, amenities, description, and a lot more. We have an award-winning design team that helps us achieve this task.

Easily Finding what you Desire :

The client wanted to give unconditional experience to renters to search home with all convenience, amenities, and safety for the long-term. So, we have come up with a unique search and filters to select the perfect home such as price range, location, bedroom, and bathroom requirements; most importantly, property type.

Map Feature :

The client wanted a system with a map functionality that grants renters to see different properties available in a particular area. It should also give access to users to play with the map by dragging the cursor, and explore different places.

They also wanted to put our efforts into preparing map clustering features that allow the renter to explore and see properties that would have otherwise been grouped. This feature will, in short, help users to quickly see places aggregated into a smaller grouping of points by zooming in. This provides a better understanding of how many properties exist within an area.

Project Requirement :

Our client is the CEO of the Mexico-based leading real estate company. The client desired a platform that offers landlords a place to list their residential rental properties and also renters choose a home based on requirements and lifestyle across different cities.

The client also wanted to grant access to the landlords, and the renters to a comprehensive dashboard enabling listing property, checking the listed property, and much more. On top of that, the client wants to develop a map functionality in the application that allows renters to drag maps and explore new properties for rent in their desired location.


For Renters :

Search for everything from luxury homes, apartments, villas, lakeside lodges with an array of breathtaking features.

Personalized Renter Dashboard: This application features a personalized renter dashboard. Any user can view save searches, manage profile, payment history, favorite properties, calendar, and showing request management.

Search Properties with Advanced Filters and Compare: Any user can search for different properties with the help of advanced search filters including communities, pets, bedrooms, landmarks, proximity, basic, and much more. It also allows users to compare properties in order to make a uniform decision.

Trusted Tenants Badge: The renter can fill up the rental application form to achieve a trusted tenant’s badge by incorporating all the important information such as rental history, employment history, and much more to get a verified trusted tenant badge.

Favorite Properties and Saved Search:With the help of this feature, users can save the searched results in order to view those properties later on. The favorite properties feature will help to add the properties which renters can explore later on at any time.

Request Showing and Showing Management: Users can request to schedule showing property from the landlords. If the requested showing got approved by landlords, it will automatically add up in the renter and landlord calendar as a Confirmed Showing Request.

But if the landlord doesn’t approve the time which renters have desired, both parties can always modify the meeting timings, till the time both agree. When the meeting gets fixed, it will be shown as ‘Confirmed request showing,’’ otherwise, it will be reflected as ‘’Pending request showing.’’

Like, Share, and Print:Access has been given to renters to share, link, or even print all the important description or details of the chosen property such as description, property type, and amenities, pictures of their chosen property.

Give Reviews to the Property: Renters who have stayed on a particular property can add reviews.

Renter Calendar:With the renter calendar, users can quickly check the scheduled confirmed showing request, and pending showing request, and also get reminders about the showing request activities, so they can always know what’s next. Users can also take advantage of location features in the calendar to reach properties by using maps.

For Landlords :

Start advertising the high-end property, as well as the detailed unit, features to make the rental listing stand out among other properties.

Personalized Landlord Dashboard: The landlord can have a personalized landlord dashboard to enjoy functionality including managing listed properties, handling profiles, payment history, calendar, and showing request management.

Listing Property: Homeowners can put the property in front of a global network of occupants by filling up the property listing form. And the property verification feature ignites a spark to receive the much-needed visibility to the listed property.

Listed Properties Management:Homeowners can always go back to view/edit details, change property status, and add a new property with unparalleled features.

Payment:Manage landlord account by adding a payment method, see previous transactional history.

Give Reviews to the Renters:This special functionality will allow landlords to leave reviews to renters who have already stayed at the property.

Landlord Calendar: Introducing Landlord calendar to check Confirmed and Pending showing request with renters. Keep posted their availability for showing property in this feature to ensure that everything works perfectly.

For Super Admin :

View all the Important Statistics on the Dashboard:Super Admin is allowed to view all detailed statistics on the application, such as Total Listings, Properties Rented In This Month, New Listings This Month, and Property Verifications This Month.

Approve or Reject any Property and Assign Admin: Super admin can approve or reject any listed property upon verification. If the property verifies the location, the super admin will assign an admin, who will be responsible for handling all the requirements of a particular property.

Promo Codes Management: This feature will let super admin manage promo codes. Super admins can create unique codes with discount offers.

Languages: The website is available in two languages including English and Spanish to avoid any language constraints while renting a dream house.

Live Currency Conversion: Users can check the price of a property in a currency like US dollar, Canadian dollar, and Mexican Peso using the live currency conversion feature.

With the help of this unparalleled software, our client was able to convert all the physical workflow for renting high-end property to a software-oriented workflow. It helped the client to decrease chaos while verifying properties. This application improved the chances of renting a property at a rapid speed than expected; raised the gross revenue and minimized overall maintenance costs.

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