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Project Overview

Deanne Berry Bodies, an innovative online dance-based program specially designed to stimulate the mind and encourage people to develop a lean, toned, “dancers physique” empowering to feel strong, sexy, and confident while having fun! This program includes workout sessions in Hip Hop Dance, Aerobics, Boxing Cardio, and Total Body Conditioning, and much more.


Client Requirements

Our client approached Aveo Software to design a website that brings together a unique fusion of dance and fitness for the people at their suitable time and location. She wanted a platform that can represent the DBB program to people who want to increase stamina, flexibility, and strength while learning how to train their body the way a dancer does. This platform should give access to users to enjoy the dance workout routine from “Anywhere Anytime’’ with the latest licensed, commercial dance music.

The client also wanted to incorporate PayPal payment gateway integration in the web portal to receive payments through various DBB workout plans. Moreover, she also extended her idea to build a platform that will give access to the users to see her recorded videos and imbibe those workout plans in order to give the best shape of their life.

Though the recorded workouts are challenging to understand for first-time users, she wanted to add a description and titles for every video in the portal. Our developers come up with a uniquely designed website, with eye-catchy graphics to quench the needs of people to attend the dance workout virtually.

For User Panel

User Registration

Register with their minimum required details, select any of the workout plans, add discount coupons and proceed with the payment through PayPal to complete the registration process. Once the profile has been created, they can log in at any time with their personal credentials.

Access Videos

The workouts are quite challenging, users can watch videos of dance workouts as per their DBB plans several times at their convenience.

Account Management

Users can update their profile details anytime. They can also change their subscription plan, and browse their payment history.

For Admins Panel


Admins can log in to their profile by using the personal credentials.

Workout Video Management

  • Admins are allowed to upload the prerecorded high-quality videos.
  • Add titles and descriptions of the videos to help users understand the instructions of the workout session.

Content Management

Admins can handle/manage the webpages and encourage users to join the workout programs through their informational content, recorded videos, and elegant pictures.

Create and Customize Subscription Plan

Admins can easily create and customize already existing plans for the users, such as prices, and time periods for weekly or monthly plans.

Create Coupons

Admins can create or manage discount coupons with the expiry date to attract new users.


From the admin panel, admins can add blogs with videos to help users understand more about their workout sessions. Here, there is a functionality for users to add comments in the blog comment section in order to resolve any queries if they have!

Apart from this, our experts have designed web pages like Workout, Nutrition, DBB Bumps Program, and Training. We have also given access to the admins to update content, images, and videos anytime anywhere. This will help admins to manage the content of the website.

We have developed a user-friendly interface web portal that is easily accessible to admins and users. Now, our client is able to attract new customers and retain existing ones through this website. It has improved the chances of joining the dance workout session in a convenient way than expected; raised the gross revenue and minimized overall maintenance costs. After all, Comfortability and Convenience are the new digital currency of this new era!

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