Digital Workout


About project

Before DigitalWorkout, online studios and fitness trainers found it hard to turn their WordPress membership sites into a reliable, customized mobile application for their users. Now, users can have a personalized mobile application that’s easy to use and cost-effective.


The challenge

DW is bringing a new way to extend and manage your online training sessions into a working application.

Users can escape the hell of waiting for months, spending thousands, and delivering your online courses for what your budget cannot allow.

It pays to centralize all your training materials in an app that many others find valuable—and to add on, where you control all the details!

A custom software solution to puzzle out the fitness studios’ humdrum problems

While acknowledged, every business craves uniqueness. We desire to solve our unique issues on the first level with a custom app. But what happens when the price is too high?

Do we frisk and give up?

No, we run to a custom solution built specifically for our problems. For a long time, more studios and trainers had been missing a lot of businesses for not having a mobile application yet.

Others have been finding it extremely hard to persevere with the demands of their customers, who wanted a more personalized app experience that was significantly better than what their web versions were giving them.

They wanted more easy-to-use and accessible solutions to achieve their fitness goals. In a business sense, they wanted a better user experience. And to help thousands of fitness studios of different sizes, the creativity of Digital Workout brooded.

A dire need to bring up a far-reaching solution

To materialize their desires, the team behind DigitalWorkout found us to be the ideal candidate to bring these solutions to fruition (spoiler alert—we made it happen!)

When all the tickable boxes about us were ticked, the team allowed us to make the project idea come to life. As a norm, we did our diligent in-depth study to expand on the needs and goals of this new project.

There were lots of perspectives that we considered with the DigitalWorkout team. We suggested new ones, reshaped the lesser ones, and built up a powerful vision of the unknown, centralized, and flexible workout-training management solution that would be.

Features for the Digital Workout Plugin

Configure mobile application

The DigitalWorkout plugin will let the users change the logo, theme colour, about us a text, contact us a text, and other settings of the DigitalWorkout mobile application.

Program and workout management

Online studios and trainers can now create online tutorials for their members on their WordPress admin panel that will instantly become available on the mobile app.

Membership management

Supports integration of PMS, simple membership, and Memberpress plugin to synchronize users with DigitalWorkout; thus, it takes just a few clicks to get it running.

Vimeo Integration

We created a plugin that made it easy for studios to integrate with their existing Vimeo account to load all of their videos inside their WordPress admin panel.

Life after DigitalWorkout

The future seems brighter with a new software system that helps businesses and clients. DigitalWorkout will now be able to help more and more trainers and studios to reach their goals and those of their members or athletes.

It’s now possible to scale and grow for businesses that do not have the time, money or resources to build a custom mobile application for their business.

It became a source of pride to the owners, a source of business revenue, and genuine solutions for the rest of the world! We have met the needs of the DigitalWorkout team, and we took to heart the needs of their users. Everyone is now satisfied. Everyone is happier!

Your turn to shine

The digital Workout team saw real potential in an app that could help more fitness studios to take up opportunities that could have been a struggle to achieve.

They came up with the pieces of their idea, and we helped them materialize. They’re satisfied with our work and look forward to a more fantastic future.

But How about you?

Why can’t we discuss your ideas and make them tangible? Today, we are ready to help you. Give us the details, and we will bring your vision to life once we understand what you want. Just like for the DigitalWorkout team.

Let’s discuss your needs.

If you have complete requirements for your software—or would like to discuss the possibilities and ideas on how custom software can help you reach your goals, get in touch with us today!