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About project

Fishing, especially trout fishing, is a popular sport in Central and Southern Alberta. However, anglers often need help finding up-to-date information on the best fishing spots and the current conditions of rivers and lakes. This lack of information can lead to wasted trips and less-than-ideal fishing experiences. Recognizing this gap, the GOFISHAB app aims to transform how anglers plan their fishing expeditions.


The Challenge:

  • Lack of accessible, real-time information on fishing conditions.
  • Difficulty in identifying the best spots for trout fishing, especially for less experienced anglers.
  • A centralized platform is needed to offer detailed insights into water bodies suitable for trout fishing in Alberta.

Empowering the Angling Community: The GOFISHAB App Development Journey with Aveosoftware

When the GOFISHAB team envisioned a mobile application to revolutionize the trout fishing experience in Alberta, they sought a technology partner capable of turning this ambitious idea into reality. They approached Aveosoftware with a clear goal: develop a user-friendly mobile application and an intuitive admin panel that could aggregate and deliver real-time data on fishing conditions. Here’s how we embarked on this transformative journey together, aligning our software expertise with GOFISHAB's vision to enhance the angling community's engagement.

Understanding the Vision

The initial phase of our collaboration was dedicated to understanding the unique needs and challenges faced by the angling community in Central and Southern Alberta. The GOFISHAB team was passionate about providing anglers with immediate access to accurate, location-specific information to ensure an optimal fishing experience. Our task was to encapsulate this vision into a seamless digital solution that was both accessible and informative.

The Development Process

1. Requirement Gathering: Our first step involved in-depth discussions with the GOFISHAB team to outline the specific functionalities and data points crucial for anglers. The application included weather conditions, water temperature, prime fishing spots, etc.

2. User-Friendly Design: Recognizing the diverse range of users, from novice anglers to seasoned veterans, we adopted a user-centric approach to design. The interface was crafted to be intuitive, ensuring that users of all tech-savviness levels could navigate the app with ease.

3. Real-Time Data Integration: The GOFISHAB app's core feature was its ability to provide real-time updates. We integrated APIs that could pull data from various reliable sources, ensuring that the information provided was current and accurate.

4. Admin Panel Development: Parallel to the mobile app, we developed a robust admin panel that allowed the GOFISHAB team to manage content and data inputs efficiently. This back-end solution empowered them to maintain the app’s integrity and relevance.

5. Testing and Iteration: Before the official launch, the app underwent rigorous testing phases, including beta testing. The feedback from the initial group of users was invaluable, leading to several iterations that further refined and enhanced the app's functionality.


Features of Gofish

To address these challenges and enhance the trout fishing experience in Alberta, GOFISHAB offers a suite of features designed to provide comprehensive and current information:

Real-Time Information

Up-to-date reports on fishing conditions, including water temperature, flow rates, and weather conditions, among other critical data points.

Spot Selection Guidance

Recommendations for the best fishing locations based on current conditions, user preferences, and historical data.

User Experience

A user-friendly interface designed to cater to both novice and experienced anglers, making navigation and information retrieval seamless.

Educational Resources:

Tips, tricks, and tutorials for improving fishing skills, understanding trout behavior, and promoting sustainable fishing practices.

The Outcome

The GOFISHAB app is positioned to become the go-to mobile application for trout fishing enthusiasts in Alberta by:

  • They are significantly improving the planning and execution of fishing trips through real-time, location-specific information.
  • Enhancing the fishing experience for anglers of all levels by providing actionable insights and community-driven support.
  • Encouraging responsible fishing practices through educational content and fostering a sense of community among users.

Beyond Development

Our partnership with the GOFISHAB team didn’t end with the app's launch. Aveosoftware continues to provide ongoing support and updates, ensuring the app remains a vital tool for Alberta's angling community. Together, we've not only created a mobile application but also cultivated a digital ecosystem where anglers can thrive and celebrate their passion for fishing.


The GOFISHAB app is a testament to how technology can enhance traditional outdoor activities, bringing them into the digital age. Aveosoftware is proud to have been a part of this innovative project. Through our collaborative efforts, we’ve helped the GOFISHAB team bring their vision to life, contributing to a more informed fishing community in Alberta.

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