82nd Indian Road Congress (IRC)


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User Authentication and Registration QR Code Generation and Scanning Event Navigation Tools Live Streaming Flexible Payment Processing Admin Panel for Event Management Analytics and Reporting

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About project

Faced with the ambitious task of digitizing the Indian Road Congress (IRC) experience within a tight timeframe from mid-August to early December 2023, the Event Management team turned to Aveosoftware for our expertise in rapid development and deployment of digital solutions. Our mission was to create a seamless, integrated digital ecosystem comprising a website, an admin panel, and a mobile application to streamline event management and enhance attendee engagement.

Aveosoftware’s goals were aligned with overcoming the primary challenges:

  • Fast-track development of a user-friendly website for event registration, accommodations, sponsorships, and Tour registration.
  • Construct an admin panel for efficient, real-time event logistics and financial oversight.
  • Create an engaging mobile application to improve attendee interaction and provide real-time event updates.


Challenges and Our Approach

Tight Development Timeline:
Adopted an Agile development framework, enabling rapid iteration and continuous feedback integration to accelerate development without compromising quality.

Delivering an intuitive and engaging user interface across digital platforms that catered to a diverse audience:
Employed user-centered design principles, conducting user research and usability testing to refine interfaces and workflows, ensuring they were accessible and user-friendly.

Ensuring the admin panel could handle real-time updates and changes, providing the event team with instant access to critical information for decision-making.
Implemented live data synchronization and push notification capabilities, enabling the IRC team to dynamically monitor and manage the event.

Safeguarding participant data, especially in processing payments and personal information.
Integrated advanced security protocols and encryption measures, adhering to international data protection regulations to secure user data.

Accommodating unforeseen adjustments in event schedules, participant numbers, and logistics.
Built flexibility into the digital platforms, allowing the IRC team to make real-time updates and communicate changes promptly to participants.


Features of 82nd Indian Road Congress (IRC)

Application Features:

Secure Access

Users log in using OTP and receive a unique QR code post-registration for venue and session access.

Essential Information

Travel and accommodation details are provided before arrival, with advance payment bookings directly accessible on the app.

Event Navigation

We designed and developed a user-friendly portal that allows clients to easily submit their wedding footage, communicate their editing preferences, and track the progress of their projects.

Live Streaming

Attendees will benefit from live event streams.

Website Features:

Detailed Event Info

Hosted by the Roads and Buildings Department, the site offers exhaustive details about the event, host city, transport schedules, and accommodation.

Registration & Payments

Delegates can register for accommodation and tours and as exhibitors, with payments processed via various modes through the CCAvenue gateway.

Tour Registration:

We designed and developed a user-friendly portal that allows clients to easily submit their wedding footage, communicate their editing preferences, and track the progress of their projects.

Admin Panel Functions:

Delegate Management:

Contains comprehensive lists of registered delegates, their contact, and family details.

Accommodation & Transportation

Facilitates allocation of accommodations and handles car assignments for guest transport.

Financial Oversight

Offers access to payment details for accommodations and tours.

Tour & Inquiry Management

Displays preferred tour packages and manages general inquiries and exhibitor requests.


Timely Project Completion: Delivered the digital ecosystem within the challenging timeframe, ensuring the IRC event could proceed as planned.

Efficient Event Management: The admin panel facilitated streamlined event logistics, handling, and real-time problem resolution, significantly reducing the administrative burden.

Enhanced Attendee Engagement: The mobile app and website provided an enriched event experience, from seamless registration to interactive features, elevating participant satisfaction.

The collaboration between Aveosoftware and the IRC Event Management Team illustrates the power of technology to address and overcome significant event management challenges. Through innovative solutions and a user-centric approach, Aveosoftware not only met the ambitious goals set forth by the IRC but also established a new benchmark for digital event management. This project underscored the importance of adaptability, rigorous testing, and user feedback in delivering a successful digital transformation under tight deadlines and complex requirements.


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