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When Inseytel approached Aveosoftware with the vision of developing a groundbreaking investigative tool, they were driven by a set of critical challenges that crime investigators faced in their daily operations. These challenges formed the core problem statement that guided the development of the fabric Windows application.



Data Overload:
Investigators were drowning in vast amounts of data from various sources, making it challenging to sift through information efficiently and identify relevant connections.

Complexity in Analysis:
The existing tools were too simplistic to handle the complexity of criminal networks.

Lack of Integration:
There was a significant gap in tools that could integrate different types of data in a coherent and user-friendly manner.

Ineffective Visualization:
Traditional investigative methods lacked effective visualization tools, making it challenging to map out and understand the intricate relationships and patterns within criminal activities.

Operational Inefficiency:
The absence of a unified platform meant investigators had to rely on multiple tools, leading to inefficiencies and increased chances of oversight.

Faced with these challenges, the Inseytel team sought a solution that could address these issues and leverage technology to offer new capabilities in crime investigation. This led to the partnership with Aveosoftware, with the goal of creating an intuitive, powerful, and comprehensive investigative tool.

The application works effectively by showing the connections between different objects, such as people, vehicles, weapons, or any other items that could be involved in a crime. The software is designed with simplicity in mind, yet it provides a comprehensive set of features across four main sections:

Canvas Tab:
A versatile digital workspace for capturing insights, managing tasks, and organizing investigative workflows. This feature supports investigators in maintaining focus and clarity throughout their investigations.

Plane Widget:
A visual tool that displays the connections between different objects within a criminal network, highlighting the most influential elements. This intuitive interface aids investigators in identifying key relationships and patterns at a glance.

Network Tab:
Facilitates the creation of direct connections between diverse objects in the database, revealing the complex web of interactions that characterizes criminal networks. This feature is crucial for uncovering hidden connections and understanding the structure of criminal activities.

Map Tab:
Incorporates geographical data to track the movements of objects over time, providing a spatial dimension to the investigative process. This capability is essential for piecing together the logistical aspects of crimes and strategizing interventions.


Features of inseytel

Digital Notepad Functionality

Allows for quick note-taking, ensuring that sudden insights or critical thoughts are captured immediately.

To-Do List Integration

Helps investigators prioritize tasks and manage their workflow efficiently.

Integration with Database

Automatically updates as new data is entered into the investigation database

Pattern Recognition

Aids in identifying patterns and relationships within the criminal network that might not be immediately apparent.

Geographical Tracking

Utilizes phone call records to track the suspect's movements.

The collaboration between AveoSoftware and Inseytel on the Fabric project sets an example of how technology and vision can create solutions that can make a real difference. With time, both teams look forward to ongoing innovation and enhancement of the application to meet the evolving needs of crime investigators.


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