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About project

Aveo Software created an app that allows Jungle Gym members to access and manage their programs, workouts, and classes. The members can sign in to classes, manage their profiles, and receive notifications about their activities.


The purpose behind the app

The rising need for health and wellness is not just a trend that will pass; it is now becoming a critical routine for many people, even non-gym enthusiasts. But while there are many health apps in the market or gyms that you can subscribe to, it is now harder to manage daily life demands in our homes, workplaces, or social lives.

Managing your daily activities with your gym memberships is often detrimental to your dedication to a healthy lifestyle. However, a vision to create an app that allows you to view and schedule your programs and workouts means that what we created would solve typical gym users’ struggles when managing their programs.

The goal of creating the app was to develop a mobile application that allows the Jungle Alliance Gym Members to view their programs and workouts. The users could sign in to classes, manage their profile details, reserve classes, and get notifications on the app.

The client wanted us to develop an application that would not be limited to their gym but an app that other gym studio members could use.

How we met the client’s requirements

The main goal of the mobile app was to develop an easy-to-use mobile application for the Jungle Alliance Gym Members. This app should:

  • Allow members to view their gym’s programs and workouts
  • Enable users to manage their gym profiles straight on the app
  • Allow users to reserve, add waiting lists, or sign in to classes
  • Receive in-app notifications

Features of Jungle gym member

Log In Screen:

This allows users to receive personalized app services by logging in with their email and password. That way, user management becomes more manageable, as you can identify each member uniquely


Once the user signs in to the app, they can schedule their classes, view past schedules, join a class’s waiting list, or sign in to a class at any time. That way, users can stay organized and gain more control of their goals.


The workouts page also allows users to view their programs for a selected day, their classes, and any other details of their activities. Our Solution


The user’s actions can be logged into the notifications tab, and the app could send reminders or critical information to the user as system notifications. This feature ensures that the users will not miss any important events for their fitness goals. We developed full-fledged mobile applications for iOS and Android with all the features exactly as required.

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