Kid Karma


About project

“Kid Karma” literally translates to Home karma. It is an app designed intuitively by Aveo Software to create the most straightforward reward system for children that can reinforce a kid’s positive behaviour.

The challenge

Reinforcing positive behaviour in kids is a thousands-of-years-old problem for parents. Creating respectable habits in kids is even more challenging in the modern day, with endless responsibilities that parents have every day, coupled with countless challenges they face each day, making this feat even more challenging.

Even so, finding a software development company that understands how to develop an easy-to-use and straightforward application that considers the proven reward of building a robust system takes more than finding a list of app development companies.

Kid Karma: The Proven Reward System for Kids

Kid Karma has been proven to be the most effective reward system for creating positive habits in kids. It has also become the #1 app for parents who want to do it in an easy and fun way to support their children to grow better habits by following simple reward system principles.

Aveo Software delivered and launched the Kid Karma app, which served the client’s needs, providing a powerful system that parents can rely on to improve their kids' behaviours. If you need an app with unique requirements like Kid Karma, count on our team at Aveo Software to help you. Talk to us today about your project’s requirements.

From the intuitive user interface to the deeper user management levels, the app provides seamless functionality to handle extensive projects and infuse efficient team collaboration into the platform. The client was delighted to have a system that meets all the requirements and delivers trouble-free management of the projects and their details.

Over to you!

Ready to build a revolutionary system that can make life better? Kid Karma proved to be a great idea that can change the lives of our kids. What idea do you have for an app? Our team is ready to help you bring all your ideas to life. Let Aveo Software build a system for your business or organization today!