Los Cabos Map


About project

Mexico-based upscale travel and concierge company got the idea to build a technology that can provide travellers with the next level of experience and extra security to help them explore the area just like locals. They planned to build a superior travel solution for one location (Los Cabos) and expand into different cities.

The leading travel company wanted to create a technology that could also give travellers a sense of security in Mexico’s unsafe area. Additionally, they wanted to have total control over their data and wanted to build their database for all the locations. Thankfully, Aveo Software delivered to the client’s expectations with a customized, effective Los Cabos Map!

The challenge

The challenge was to build safety features that effectively work when needed. A real-time cross-platform chat and locate friend feature was also required since most travellers were travelling in groups and would like to chat and find each other when needed.


Our Solution: a customized Los Cabos Map application

After conducting a deep-dive assessment of the challenges faced and features required, Aveo Software implemented Cabos Map App. As part of the solution, our team developed and launched an iPhone and an Android app with the following features:

Chats: Users can chat with other users through the app. Features like the last locations and read receipts are already developed.

ChatsSOS: The user can send an SOS message to his friends/family with one tap if he is distressed. The app will send his current location to already registered mobile numbers.

Find friends (location tracking): Ability to locate and find friends.

Business promotions: Businesses can promote their business within 5 or 10 km of vicinity through the backend system. This will send users a list of promotional listings through all the users in the area.

User tracking: All the users are tracked, and their location is saved in the database.

Developed a web app to register and verify new businesses: Businesses can register for the platform and show their location on the app.

Developed an admin app to maintain all the data.

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