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About project

Should I Eat This is an app for our new client in the healthcare industry. His team wanted to build an app to help users know what to eat and what not to eat based on their unique situations, age, weight, current health conditions, health history, etc. After some consultation, in-depth customer research, and detailed UI/UX designs, our team at Aveo Software delivered the right solution that surpassed the expectations of our new client.

The challenge

Our client has been working in the healthcare industry for years, and they came to us with a specific problem: they wanted an app that users could depend on to know what they can eat or not to eat based on their unique situations.

The typical common questions included what a client with specific health issues, like Hypertension, should eat or shouldn’t eat. How will the diet vary depending on age, weight, or other health conditions? And that’s what the new app should do — help our client answer all these questions automatically for their clients.


The Solution: An app that impacts life

During our consultation, we devised a unique solution based on what our client wanted to be solved. We proposed a barcode scan-based app allowing users to scan or search 99% of food items in stores. The scan result provides enough information about what a user should eat and what not to eat based on age, weight, current health conditions, and health history.

Currently, our client decided to start with the following diseases:


2)Kidney disease


Our Client’s Delight for The Deliverables

We’ve already delivered the app to the client, who is delighted with our deliverables. This app is now running an active beta, and our client’s users find the app to be resourceful and are grateful and happy for it.

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