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About project

Wonderkids is a website for kids to practice yoga with engaging on-demand video tutorials. This website is another robust kid’s self-improvement system our team delivered to one of our clients. It is a subscription-based website where users can buy monthly or yearly subscriptions to access all the content for their kids.


The challenge

Connecting an amazing team of certified kids yoga teachers to kids at scale is often only possible with a system to help. Wonder Kids Yoga client wanted to introduce yoga to thousands of global kids in a fun and approachable way.

Keeping the kids engaged on the mat while introducing imaginative yoga adventures to younger children or teens is never easier for the parent. Worst still, the demands for managing the kids, lessons, and resources for a physical yoga studio would make it impossible for the client to scale because of their current situation.

Thus, a system that would introduce engaging yoga practices and meditation classes at scale would be ideal for the client. And so, we brought this idea to life!

The Wonder Kids Yoga Web App

We developed the Wonder Kids Yoga website with all the relevant functionality to help our client tackle their challenges and use technology to grab the opportunity. The client can easily add gated content, market their programs, and manage the kids' lessons, yoga teachers, and users. Users find it easy to manage every kid’s progress, as they can add multiple kids under one account.

One of the most outstanding features of the Wonder Kids Yoga app is its tree-planting reward system. It’s a simple system, yet it has become one of the most cherished ideas from our client. This app can track every video view, and after a kid completes a video, one tree is planted as a reward. The tracking system also sorts all the total video views for ranking, including the reviews of each yoga teacher.


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